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Continuous Emissions Monotoring

Utilising the most sensitive and progressive equipment on the market, OSS Enviro can offer 24/7 monitoring of your site. With advanced detection and accurate quantification tools we offer security, early warning of leaks and can also monitor specific areas 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Connecting the cameras to your control room gives you the management of all the potential hazards and allows recording of leaks.

Gas Leak Detection

OSS Enviro offer leak detection with the Handheld EyeCGas 2.0 cameras. We can find low level leaks accurately, quickly and safely. With the long range detection capability of the 2.0 this means we don't have to climb, access potentially hazardous areas nor put our operatives at risk. Immediate recording and live streaming to enabled, certified devices means any leak will be immediately reported.

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Smart Leak Detection and Report

Utilising the latest software, we are able to offer true SMART LDAR services. Capable of detecting and quantifying at long range means we can immediately identify if a leak is an immediate risk or if it can be allocated to the sites specific guidelines to be rectified on the next shutdown. With the Optical Gas Imaging cameras we are able to accurately identify leaking sources.


OSS Enviro are the number 1 name for Optical Gas Imaging products. Our head office, based in the UK, has a team of professionals with over 40 combined years of accumulated industry knowledge and experience in the industry. We will help, advise and guide you through our vast catalogue of specialist products.

With our head office based in the West Midlands, United Kingdom, we are the leading European product supplier to all air quality experts. We regularly provide advice on Optical Gas Imaging products and services across the UK, Europe and Internationally. 

Our main focus is to consistently meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, by providing accurate, reliable emissions products and advice. 

By choosing OSS Enviro, you can be sure you are selecting one of the most experienced Optical Gas Imaging product providers and environmental consulting firms in Europe. OSS Enviro prides itself in providing cost-effective products without sacrificing quality. The OSS Enviro team is dedicated to handling orders of all sizes, with varying degrees of complexities. 

Whether your needs include products, spares, service or guidance, we are here to help. No job is too small nor too big for us to understand and provide you with a solution.

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