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Weighted 9g and measured sized in 1*0.7*0.4in, this tiny infrared thermal imager adopts industrial high accuracy temperature measurement technology and excellent manufacture, which can be used with your Android mobile phone to measure the surface temperature of a object and view the infrared images directly.

Easy to Use: after installing the supporting app on your phone, simply insert this device to your phone, then you can easily measure temperatures (-20~170℃ range) of the object and view the infrared images directly via mobile phone .
User-friendly Design: its tiny size makes it extremely portable, plug and play design allows you to use it on the go, taking temperatures anytime anywhere fast and conveniently.
High Definition Image: adopts with self-developed ASIC image processor chip and with powerful core, features of 256*192 infrared resolution.
Full Image Temperature Memory: each frame of 50000 pixels temperature full data storage.
Temperature Analysis Function: powerful post offline temperature measurement analysis function of point, line and surface.
Super Long Endurance: it is directly inserted into the charging port of the mobile phone and works with the mobile phone's own battery, which can continuously work for a long time, no need for an extra battery.

Resolution: 256*192
Pixel Size: 12um
NETD: ≤50mK@25℃, F#1.0
Spectral Response: 8~14um


P2 phone.jpg

Imagine a thermal camera so small it fits in the palm of your hand. An innovative thermal camera that attaches to your Android device, enabling you to take high resolution thermal images and transmit them instantly, using any media you want.


Whether for night-vision missions or precise thermographic surveys, cutting-edge technology is now at your fingertips.

Discover the P2 — the high resolution night vision and thermography android thermal camera that’s changing the way thermal imaging technology works – onsite or on the move.


The P2 offers four different device models, each created to deliver unparalleled thermal imaging, catering to many different applications. Choose the thermal camera that is right for you and enjoy superior performance.