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Method 5

Sampling Train

The professional source sampling company must be prepared for a wide variety of conditions and locations. 


Apex recommends the Method 5 System “Deluxe Plus”, which can be used in both rigid and flexible configurations.


Even with the classic rigid arrangement, the additional glassware allows you to have pre-measured and filled impingers, pre-weighed filter assemblies, and minimum turnaround time between runs.

Using the Method 5 Sampling System, particulate matter is withdrawn isokinetically from the source and collected on a glass fiber filter maintained at a temperature of 120 ±14 °C (248 ±25 °F) or such other temperature as specified by an applicable subpart of the standards or approved by the Administrator for a particular application. The PM mass, which includes any material that condenses at or above the filtration temperature, is determined gravimetrically after the removal of uncombined water.

Method 5 Sampling System Schematics