Using Thermapp from Opgal for Electrical Inspections

Abnormal heating associated with high resistance or excessive current flow is the main cause of many problems in electrical systems. Thermography allows us to see these invisible thermal signatures of impending damage before the damage occurs. When current flows through an electric circuit, part of the electrical energy is converted into heat energy. This is normal. But, if there is an abnormally high resistance in the circuit or abnormally high current flow, abnormally high heat is generated which is wasteful, potentially damaging and not normal.

Ohm's law (P=I2R) describes the relationship between current, electrical resistance, and the power or heat energy generated. We use high electrical resistance for positive results like heat in a toaster or light in a light bulb. However sometimes unwanted heat is generated that result in costly damage. Under-sized conductors, loose connections or excessive current flow may cause abnormally high unwanted heating that result in dangerously hot electrical circuits. Components can literally become hot enough to melt.

Below you will see us using our Thermapp to analyse and diagnose a faulty ecom j2kn flu gas analyser that we have in for service at OSS Enviro.

Need to know more on Thermal Imaging and Thermography? Get in touch with us today to find out how seeing the invisible can benefit your business!

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