The Power of Knowledge

The requirement of quantifying your emissions to atmosphere, particularly for Methane, is now becoming more important, prior to it becoming mandatory. Simply put, if you don't know it leaks, and how much it leaks, how can you stop it? Leak detection has come a long way in the last few years in the respect of confirming exactly how much gas you are leaking to the atmosphere. Many different issues arise when we look at the technology used to detect gas leaks on plant. Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) has proven time and again that it has the detection range, can detect in poor weather, is not temperature dependent, can be easily used 24 hours a day and boasts the easy integration into quantification software. We can, if required, put the OGI tech onto drones, although the range of the OGI probably negates the expense and requirement to do this. There is a range of hand held OGI devices available to easily ,and quickly, find leaks, quantify and report them. We can fit Continuous Emissions cameras to site, supply uncooled (cheaper) Continuous Emissions and Hand Held cameras too, although I would always recommend cooled. Once installed our range of Continuous Emissions cameras will detect VOC's, including Methane, allowing for flexibility of any application and make sure the best use of the OGI camera. All installations can be integrated on site to the end user's DCS, PLC or other systems operated on site and we offer a "stand alone" screen and PTZ system too. The industry of leak detection is most certainly evolving and we have been here since OGI technology was first available to the industrial market around 12 Years ago. Our experience in offering the right solution is at the heart of what we do. So if you are serious about your leak detection, fugitive emissions and safety of plant and employees, then we have to solution for you.

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