Methane Detection

So now we are getting serious about the Methane emissions, fugitive emissions and Green House Gases GHG's. But are you aware of the technology available, the limitations of devices and all the "blurb" that people try to fool you with?

Simply put, talk to us as we use plain speak. We explain the difference between cooled cameras and uncooled cameras, we will help you to work through the options for quantification, we will talk to you about recording information, how to do LDAR, what to look for and what the regulations tell you.

We offer cameras, software, 24/7 monitoring, LDAR surveys, FID quantification, software colourised palettes for quantification, cooled, uncooled, hire and sales of all the equipment to detect Methane, VOC's and many other gases.

Contact us for more details and a plain conversation.

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