Get ahead of the Game

As we all know things are about to change in Europe to try and catch up with the Americas. methane and fugitive emissions are going to be monitored with fines and other sanctions handed to offenders. so there a real requirement to be proactive and to start monitoring your plant for leaks. Gone are the days when a wild estimate would suffice, gone are the care free attitudes to pollution and now we must be realistic when monitoring emissions.

Here at OSS Enviro we are able to help. Whilst we don't have a magic wand, we have the next best thing. Our Optical Gas imaging (OGI) cameras will allow you to monitor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to detect leaks AND we will supply the software that also enables accurate leak quantification. So you are able to identify your leak, the quantity of your leak and, more importantly, exactly where the leak is actually coming from. This saves time, money and prevents needless pollution and potential harm to our environment.

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